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As we grow, our assortment of the best Greek products keeps growing too. On our shelves you’ll find the best-known brands, but also local gems.

Among others, we have: 


* Extra virgin olive oil, rusks, cookies, honey, tea, herbs & raki from Crete

* Olives and olive spread from Kalamata

* Spoon sweets from Pilio

* Halva & tahini from Macedonia

* Premium beers and many local brands from microbreweries


* Wines from native Greek grape varieties 


Our fridge contains many treasures as well. Of course we have Cretan graviera and mizithra cheese, but also kaseri, kefalotyri, manouri, Greek yoghurt, pita flatbread and much more. And yes, there’s also feta!


In our freezer you will find traditional Cretan small pies named kalitsounia to be enjoyed at home and filo dough for your own creations.

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Products 2

All our high-quality products make the ideal gift for every kind of foodie and for every occasion.

We’ll be happy to tell you more about them and help you make your selection! 

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